View Full Version : Quillodon: Drumstick can't even play dead in combat

11-23-2015, 07:00 PM
Drumstick can't even play dead in combat Drumstick is an Adventure Turkey, not a Battle Turkey. If you set him to "aggressive mode" he will VALIANTLY flap his wings at enemies, but he doesn't actually do any damage. However, this does prevent him from performing his more adorable abilities.If you're hell-bent on watching him keel over while you fight things, just set him to "follow mode." As long as he isn't actively being attacked, he can play dead to his little heart's content.
How do I delete all the Drumsticks I get when I get feed? and thank you. It sounds like it was an error that he's showing up in your mail in the first place. Now that I'm looking, you don't even get stuffing from the mail turkey. So you could either:1) ignore those mails, thus only getting one 12hr turkey per day from the Mirage quest, or:2) Open those mails once your mirage turkey runs out, effectively gaining 24hr turkeytime. (Please don't play ArcheAge 24hrs/day)I cant really imagine needing more than 12 hours of turkey per day, so i'm just gonna leave all the mails until the event is over then open/delete them all at once for 12hrs of inventory Turkeygeddon.

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