View Full Version : Celestrata Bloodsong: Skill Queue is ENABLED: Please test and break it!

12-01-2015, 12:40 PM
Hello all!We and the team at XLGAMES are still looking into the bugs that you all noticed in the skill queue from the last time we enabled it on the server. We are still doing additional testing on the queue, and we have now enabled the Skill Queue once more on the PTS server.While you are online, please attempt to break the skill queue in any and all ways possible. (Especially if you can spam God's Whip.) If you are able to break the skill queue, please give us the following information as a reply to this post:--A video of how the skill queue can be exploited/broken. Description is fine too, if you are unable to record video, but a video is much more helpful.--A detailed explanation of the steps you took to reproduce this issue. If you use any macros to create the issue, please let us know that too. (Obviously macros are limited to one key press to one action on the live servers, but here on the test servers we ask you to take every step possible to find bugs.)Thanks for your testing, Adventurers, and we look forward to your results!P.S. -- We do not have any plans to set the Skill Queue on on the live servers at this time. This is for testing purposes ONLY!

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