View Full Version : Celestrata Bloodsong: Morpheus Candidate Rankings did not reset ALL leadership pls fix trino

12-04-2015, 10:20 AM
Hello guys.The good news: Activity Reward WindowIt was not reseted.(just to note, values there were invisible for me during Thursday)The bad news:NO leadership points gained during Thursday 3rd December (including those gained from upvotes on Wednesday) were counted toward Activity reward, nor current Candidacy list.Example:Wednesday 23:59 - 3334 Leadership points. Currently seen on my Voting profile in Top20Thursday 00:00 GMTYou Gained 70 leadershipGrimghast rift 10 leadershipCrimson rift 10 leadership1 confirmed kill in Diamond shores 5 leadershipFriday 7:00 GMT (after patch)Candidacy list shows people with 2-20 points. I am not listed there...What I dont know is if Hero calls from Thursday were, or were NOT counted towards activity reward. Because Thursday wasn't appropriately covered in the Hero Schedule, there is very much a likelihood that leadership and mobilization orders weren't counted due to the Hero System issue which was corrected in the maintenance. Normally that day would be counted, but it was not due to the system issues that were briefly present.

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