View Full Version : Quillodon: Red Dragon only for the Mainlanders?

12-14-2015, 02:40 PM
Hey guys!So I finished localizing the new Red Dragon quest text, and I can confirm some things for you but not others.I CAN tell you there is no more dragon egg, and no more Dancing Goddess's Hunt. Any player (including pirates) will be able to craft a Red Dragon's Doom and shoot down the dragon, which will appear at a set time. That was in the text I worked on, and I'd be very surprised if it changed.What I CAN'T discuss is how often the dragon will appear, how the new conflict/war cycle will work, or whether or not pirates will be safe in Karkasse. These are things that are outside of my department, so I have very little (read: none at all) vision/control over them until we get XL's finalized live build.So it seems like yes, pirates will be able to engage the dragon without needing a workaround "green" alt. But it is quite possible that it will still be very risky for them, since Karkasse is still on Nuia and therefore subject to Nuian law. Final answers on that as we get closer to Bloodsong release.Hope that helps!-QuillEDIT: Also, the new quest rewards a sweet "Dragon Slayer" title (no stats), which pirates will be unable to get because everyone in Karkasse hates you. But that shouldn't really surprise you guys, I assume. Earning heroic-sounding titles for saving people isn't exactly what piracy is all about =P

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