View Full Version : Quillodon: Winter Essence problem.

12-18-2015, 11:40 AM
The problem is, if you have a 50% or 100%, the problem is that it will be impossible to acquire the costume of Yata festival with the event started on December 9. http://prntscr.com/9fr6fr Hello Deshonor!There are a lot of overlapping events planned for this month, and I think you might be accidentally mixing up the dates. The quests that reward the Winter Maiden COINS (the silver snowflake things) end on the 28th. But you'll keep getting Winter Maiden BOOTS (and therefore Winter Essences) until January 18th. That gives you 39 total chances to get Winter Essences, like Nintemagic pointed out.Full details of each event here: http://www.trionworlds.com/archeage/en/2015/12/03/celebrate-the-season-at-the-winter-maiden-festival-december-9th-january-18th/And to clarify: I can confirm that the regular Gift Boxes reward a Winter Essence 100% of the time.Hope that helps!-Quill

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