View Full Version : WTS: 5 Celestial Epherium Lake Plate pieces + Two Crowns Land!

01-04-2016, 07:29 AM
Hey, I have 5 of 7 Epherium Lake Plate prices for sale, all at celestial with decent gems. Perfect for air farming as a caster! Note the prices I don't have are the boots and gloves. I am also selling 2 16x16's in north TC in the Moonswept home housing province, one is a short hauler ride from wager with a little hill to go down to fill ships, second is right next to water on beach. One other 24x24 trading house on the far south top of TC to the east of Ezi's light right outside of Castaway Straight. PM me here or in game for prices!! IGN: Dexkue