View Full Version : Celestrata Bloodsong: Transfer Update

01-08-2016, 04:30 PM
Thanks celestrata but i think people are mostly worried that by the time transfers come out we will have all already quit anyway. If it takes another 2 months I think the majority of people, my self included, who have been waiting for these transfers will have already left the game. IMO this should be your top priority. Honestly if it meant 2.5 were to be delayed for your team to focus even more on transfers a lot of people would be ok with that. It's just taking too long.. Just to be clear, the work with the transfers and the work on the game is two different teams. The two are mostly unrelated. But, getting the transfers hooked up and working within Glyph and the website isn't as easy as plugging in a few cables and calling it a day. Especially when it comes to character data. We want to make sure that this system is perfect. After all, an imperfect system means someone could transfer and then have their character data corrupted. No one wants that. We know the delays are stressful. They're stressful on our side too, because we want to get this stuff to you guys. But we want it to be right and for it to function well. That is the most important.

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