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01-08-2016, 05:20 PM
These are the questions that keep me up at night...Haha WOAH there Dremlock. Calm yourself! Couple'a disclaimers before we get started:1) My metagame mainly revolves around dueling, since my GS is terribad and my server's arena is a horrific seaworld. This gives me more control over who I'm fighting and what GS I face (usually 4k-5500). The builds I use range from cheesy-as-hell to terrible-but-hilarious, and everything in between.2) Because of this, our definitions of "practicality" might be a little different. But I'm on lunch, so I'll share some of my standard Poxbane builds and you can judge/try them out for yourself =)Poxbane splashing Songcraft, aka "Battlebane": http://earlygame.net/archeage/builder?r=true#9.2.3/65HjkZjTHgThis is my standard dueling Poxbane. All Songcraft is doing for me here is giving me a ranged stun every 27sec (with auroria boots), which i can use to either trigger the no-break fear from Crit Discord (adding up to a lot of free damage) or to lead into a trip/silence from Bull Rush to start my bubbledrop combo. It also allows me to add a nice Crit Discord "punch" to the end of each of my long CCs, which adds up over a fight. I wear cloth the entire time right now, and it is still consistently a great fight against DRs, Abolishers, and the less-mobile mages. Highly-mobile ranged classes (like Enigmatist and Primeval) are a real pain though, and usually trash me unless they get sloppy.Songcraft-heavy Poxbane, aka "Songbane": http://earlygame.net/archeage/builder?r=true#9.2.3/SZbzHGTGGBC1This is my original Ode-exploiter. The idea here is to spam songs and debuffs to make yourself stupid-tanky and reduce the enemy's damage and defenses. Due to mudfist, rhythm-buffed Rev Cheer, and rhythm-buffed Ode, you're regaining a significant amount of hitpoints throughout the fight while slowly killing the enemy. Ode itself pings for decent damage when buffed with Bulwark and Bloody, and your song-buffed zombie becomes a real threat while it's out.Mudfist, Bubble, and Fortress all act as dual-use abilities: you can use them to safely deal Ode dmg if the enemy has no way to escape them, and/or you can buy yourself time to resummon your zombie and restart your songs. (For extra style points, use Rocket Boots to trap someone in imprison and the jump out. Boom, 12 free seconds of zombie/ode dmg!) These, combined with the slow from Roar and/or Quickstep, also help to create distance and reduce incoming damage against even highly-mobile melee opponents.Unfortunately, this build's Achilles heel is obvious: Anyone with the ability to remove Charm takes out a significant portion of your damage. Mirrorlight and Purge have such short cooldowns that they're basically impossible to overcome, but Rev Cheer (especially if they don't take the cooldown passive) is a hurdle that can still be fun to attempt.---As for videos, I lack the editing savvy to make one without completely giving away my server/anonymity. (And I lack the SKILL to play with no UI). But Khrolan and Socke have been badgering me to duel them on the testing servers, so maybe I can figure something out there and get you some examples =)Cheers!-Quill

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