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01-15-2016, 12:30 PM
Hey guys, anyone know where you can get the titles: Designer to the Gods, Dragon slayer, Moneymaker and Lore king? What do i have to do to get them? and is it even possible to get them? I found them on archeagedatabase but could find the place to get the quest their. Please help! Alright, I double-checked. Designer to the Gods, Moneymaker, and Lore King are not currently hooked up to any active quests in our version. According to my files the only one of these that will exist in 2.5 is Dragon Slayer, which you'll be able to earn via the new Red Dragon quests in Karkasse. A word of warning about using the Archeage Database as a reference: while extremely useful for many purposes, it's kind of like peering into the multiverse. It contains things that have existed but were discontinued, things that only existed in certain regions, things that were fully designed but never implemented, and things that might be implemented in the future. Just because something's floating around in the files doesn't mean it is, was, or ever will be in the game. Sorry guys! -Quill

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