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01-16-2016, 02:40 AM
Speaking of which, how does the v2 katana work out with the new Dissonance? I get this odd feeling that it is... maybe actually a bad thing to have the effect at all?I have never really understood why a songcraft user would want a Songblade. The ONLY thing i can think of is people are so good about purging debuffs in korea that Dissonance was never/rarely actually dealing its damage. But honestly even then i'd rather bait a purge than give up the debuff entirely.Now the STAFF, that I understand. People shrugging your Strain before it becomes Charm is a big deal, and bypassing that is something that would almost make me give up my shield. Especially with the new rhythm/strain combo.But the katana? meh! I'm hoping they eventually change it to something more useful.
Ya know, even though trino is in Austin, I never took you for a southerner.Haha I'm not. I have appropriated y'all. Any southerners who are offended by my use of their rad gender-neutral collective pronoun can PM me =P

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