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01-19-2016, 12:30 PM
I understand that, but you previously objected to maintaining multiple patches at once, which you clearly do with PTS and NA/EU. It just seems like pushing xl for an extra patch (the only difference would be a +2 hours and a -2 hours to fixed event start times) would be pretty worthwhile, and while not everyone would be happy, you would finally reduce the penalty to having a job and trying to play your game. I don't think you're getting a full hold of the development process quite yet, as I'm saying something different from what you're saying.What you're pointing out is how we have multiple versions of the game at the same time. That's true, we do, but all of that consists of 1 development pipeline. It goes as follows, roughly:
XL Development > Trion Translation > XL QA Testing > Trion QA Testing > PTS Server > Live ReleaseAny patch goes through that process from beginning to end. Having multiple patches on the different servers is literally the nature of the beast. In the end, as the patches move through the process, they become a single live release that goes out to all of the servers at once.So while the PTS server may be on update 2.5 and the live server is on Update 2.0, there is no other version of the game being developed. In this case, update 2.5 is the only thing in development.What I'm talking about, and what splitting the NA and EU on two different builds means, is literally the following:
XL Development > Trion Translation > XL Build Split > XL QA NA > Trion QA NA > PTS NA > Live NA Version 1 XL QA EU > Trion QA EU > PTS EU > Live EU Version 2As you can see, development would roughly fork, creating two separate builds, two separate patches, each with their own event timers. Let's call this Update 2.5. If we split the builds, we'd have Update 2.5 Version 1 and Update 2.5 version 2. The difference between the versions, even though they are the same, are the event times.This means any content put into the game needs to be tested double the amount because there are two separate builds. And what if changing the event times in one build causes a bug on one version but not the other? (Trust me, it can happen.) Plus then you, as a player, would then need to patch any time you flipped regions. And you'd be repatching the whole game, due to the way the game is built.The idea of splitting the build is very honestly impractical. It causes way more work for the solution it solves, and the work wouldn't go away. It would just stick with the game for the rest of the time it operates. Plus work would have to go into building those separate builds in the first place anyway. Therefore, we'd rather have them take the work and put it into an external solution, rather than entering into this really overly complicated process.

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