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01-19-2016, 01:10 PM
Thank you for the detail. Care to share more information about what solutions XL/Trion are working on now, and what work is being done to get there? I may have some personal bias here, but IMO getting event timers improved is more important than getting us new content (new content can make the issue even more frustrating for us working stiffs). Would it help if you had pages of community feedback/polls to throw at XL? Can you make this your 2016 sheepie by personally championing it? I mean, I technically already have. It always tops my community issues list, it comes up pretty frequently in my weekly reports, and it's something we've addressed with XL both in-emails, on conference calls, and when we personally visit them. It's the single most recurring issue.Community feedback absolutely helps. Having large, centralized threads help persuade the team that an item is important as long as it's many users championing a cause and not just a handful. But we can't stop making new content. New content is something that's always going to come out with our patches.

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