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01-20-2016, 04:00 PM
Knowing Aria pretty well at this point, I think I can stake a stab at some of Invocation Array's lyrics to see if I'm right. I'll check with them to see if they can post them up though, so we can get the exact lines they wrote. :)
Beneath the world for so longAlive and waitingI can see so clearly nowThe writings on the wallImmortalityGrants me nothingUntil I see my power reflected In your eyesSee my rageAnd all hope fadesInjustice fueled and I will rule (She perceives her early death to be a complete injustice.)The dawning of my stageSurrender to meIt's time to take revengeThe world begins againDon't stand in my wayIll make you feel my painStay and play awhileCome dance with me and soon you'll fallIll take it allGive me your energyLured in through the gate and drainedHunting you in my domainWith these strings in hand infusingDead sustainedAbandoned to die but nowImages divineBeautiful danger, soul stealerYour will is mineDo not defyMy soundtrack as I climbFor I seldom heard (not sure about this line)Ill watch it burnAnd make anewConsuming youThese flames rising highIn this dream contrivedMy story comes aliveDeceivers die,These runes reviveA phoenix undying!(She has perceived the source of her injustice to be Kyrios, and she declares him and all those like him to be deceivers. The runes are a reference to her Ipnish rune dance floor, I believe, which you'll soon become well-acquainted with.)Taste my reflectionIt's an infection x4Ready your applauseI'm your love, your god (She believes herself/wants to be to be a new goddess of Auroria due to her lineage. Taking the energy of those lured by her call is how she's going to do that.)Suspending griefYour disbeliefLet fate be redrawnStay and play awhileCome dance with me and soon you'll fallIll take it allGive me your energy

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