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01-26-2016, 02:30 AM
...every time I see a shiny box that demands I fork over the next 3 months of my life doing a labor dump on recovery pouches...
You're pretty much telling people to either buy labor pots or make an alt specifically for this... Ignoring your delightful accusations regarding my dishonesty, ignorance, and malevolence (oh my!), I think this is where we really disagree, friend-o. The way I see it, nothing is forcing you to go for that last box. Just like nothing is forcing you to fill all those gem slots. Or buy that next land plot. Or attempt the unholy saga that is the dream ring questline. They're just cool things that exist, that you can go for if your play style steers you in that direction. And if you happen to be the type of person that does a couple of sunken ships a week, well my goodness: it'll probably be pretty cool when you notice you've been creepin' up on that 100k without even realizing it. Was it kinda dickish for the designers to put the occasional shiny box right in front of you months before you could open it? ...okay, yeah. You've honestly got me there. I would've preferred, like... a box that only appears if a 100k Explorer walks by that part of the ship. Maybe 'cause you're so familiar with shipwrecks that you can "discover" extra loot or whatever. But come on. To get up in arms because you feel "forced" to spend real money to maximize every potential profit source in the game, even if they're clearly not meant to be taken advantage of for some time? That's just crazy, lang! You said yourself the extra payoff isn't even that impressive! If it really causes you that much emotional anguish to even THINK about leaving the shiny doodad on the wreck, I dunno what to tell ya. Maybe this shipwreck system isn't for you. You sound like you've got the whole landbaron thing down though, yeah? So you've got that goin' for ya, which is nice. Sincerely, -Quill PS: Now I really wanna get shirts made that say Role Playing Exploration Potato Farmers. You want in on that when I'm ordering?

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