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Scion Storm
04-15-2014, 01:22 AM
Video Explaining White Magician (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2KEeBuRxXI&index=7&list=PLclysCc6lh4SLbF8EV5iQsGFvIU6b1xsW)
White Magician Build Calc (http://arche-base.com/builds/view/871-White_Magician_1_1#7.2.10/mmxvtlaK3x7K) 1.1 It's evolving by no means final

Hey guys this will be the first of many themed builds for ArcheAge. This one I based off of the Lawbringer build I made for Rift. The Rift devs were actually cool enough to add it as a preset and give me credit. So I figured I’d try to remake it for AA to be bad ♥♥♥ in. This build is Sorcery, Conjuration, and Devotion. These names maybe different in the NA version. Also the build maybe not anything new to seasoned RU and KR players.

The original Lawbringer (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0saia0HTuIE) had nice damage excellent survival shielding and healing. And very mobile able to do damage anywhere any time and survive. In ArcheAge I managed to emulate that as close as I could. Sorcery gives you all the damage plus good CC. Conjuration gives even better CC mana regen and Utility. Devotion in so little points gives a solid hot, cleanse, and mana return per damage. This scales because it’s 7% of your damage. So the stronger you become the more mana back return.

I may tweak this build a little as we inch closer to live NA release. But the core class won’t change. Maybe just the number of points and skills used. I love it because I can take on enemies skillfully. It’s not an instant win but used correctly. Not much of anything can kill you. Unless you don’t manage your resources correctly. At any rate enjoy thanks for reading and watching.

You can see it in action on my twitch here (http://www.twitch.tv/scionstorm/c/4069656)

Scion Storm
04-15-2014, 08:45 AM
I fixed the build a little compaired to the video. This isn't final but fun nonetheless

04-15-2014, 10:17 AM
Good work mate! I can imagine you're gonna have some fun mixing tons of disabilities with healing in PvP. This can really be a tough -_-

On a more personal note, the only thing I miss in the build is the security stealth offers to a mage.... but that's just a personal preference and it would change your build completely D=

Scion Storm
04-15-2014, 10:28 AM
I plan on using stealth in another build I'm trying. It should be fun if I pull that theme off. No one else seems to have tried it. Or at least not in this manner anyway.

Scion Storm
04-15-2014, 10:09 PM
After taking a few suggestions. I've altered the 1.0 build. I'm still thinking about it and what I want to do. So it will continue to evolve.