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01-27-2016, 01:40 PM
So as I stated last night guys, we caught up with XL and we showed them what's up. The ArcheAge team at XLGAMES took a look into it, and we do have a response from them that we'd like to share.They have apologized, but this is an intended change that was not documented by the ArcheAge team and was not communicated to our team in the documentation we received for Version 2.5. The ratio at which crystals drop on these trees has been reduced, mirroring what is currently available on the Korean 2.5 version. They explained that the change came about because they felt that crystals were dropping too often from those trees, and they wanted to bring it in line with other Archeum gains.Like you guys, we're not about stealth nerfs. Not having this information means that it was not tested by our team, and you guys couldn't test it out on PTS or share feedback on the change. We are very sorry that this has happened, and we apologize for the confusion this has caused. We've let the team know that we need this type of information to perform our tests, and so we can appropriately inform you guys on the changes that are being made to the game so you can adjust strategies accordingly, if necessary.For now, on this change, we are going to carry it forward because it was an intended balance change and it mirrors the gameplay that other countries possess when it comes to these trees. We're sure you guys have feedback on it, and we will absolutely give that feedback to the team at XL if you would like to leave it here, in this thread.Again guys, we're very sorry about this undocumented change, and we are addressing the matter with XL.

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