View Full Version : Quillodon: Vaultstones - rewards so far

01-29-2016, 12:20 PM
So the only things that come out of these Vault Stones now are RP book stuff and vendor trash that are not even worth what they previously were?How many vault stone fragments stay in a stack? I may just let these gather dust in my warehouse...Shards stack x1000, completed Vaultstones stack x100. Also: If you've got "cool" relics like masks or pillars or large pottery, i'd highly recommend trying to sell them on the AH while they're still rare. These things were going for 30-100g on my cluster last time i checked, simply because many of the decor collectors don't wanna bother diving/hunting for them. This profit will obviously dry up once players have all the pretty decorations they want, but... until then, why not cash in? Just post 'em up on he AH, then drop a little blurb in your trade chat telling collectors what item name to search for. That should at least help recoup some of the labor spent until we hear back from XL on the vendor prices.Hope that helps,-QuillEDIT: I'd save the high-grade relics in case the vendor prices change, though. It shouldn't make a difference to players (meaning you can sell them the low-grade ones since they look exactly the same), but the grade is what sets the price for vendors.

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