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02-02-2016, 02:50 PM
@Quill : EASY FIX!!!These old chest are magicly bound to auroria over time, even tho they are scattered around the seabeds and rdy to be found by the lucky ones, breaking the binding spell to be able to salvage them requires some brain.Breaking the spell requires you to decipher a "simple" code (Random, can be whatever, up to devs to decide what). This will break the binding magic spell and thus the prize can be taken.Problem FIXED, and it adds immersion and fun to the treasure chest hunting :) My idea was requiring players to "pick the lock" of the sunken chests by moving the lock picks to marked (but randomized) locations on a keyhole. Sorta like a dumbed-down version of skyrim's lockpicking. But yeah, same concept.This could be similarly adjusted for nearly every economy entry point: undoing randomized clasps (click clasps, drag latches, rotate hook clasps, etc) to loot a monster for example, or placing the correct stamp on a "bill of sale" for the auction house. All things that would take a real person a second to do at most, but would make it significantly more difficult to bot. (Or at least, much harder than a levelcap they can just bot to in a friggin' week.)The problems are A) are players willing to put up with hundreds of thinly-disguised in-game captchas for the sake of preserving the game's economy, and B) is any game developer willing to create/maintain/continually update and randomize this system to stay one step ahead of the botters.AA might not be that game, and XL might not be that company. But I'd be really curious to see someone try it out.(And yeah, I'll pass it on just in case. Who knows? Maybe they'll love it.)-Quill

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