View Full Version : WTS Delphinad flame pieces (leather) and shield ~ T6 Divine Shadow cap and boots

02-03-2016, 12:37 PM
Selling, please mail me on forums
Delphinad flame jerkin (celest) toughness frost, 4 res gems
Delphinad flame breeches (celest) fully toughness gemmed
Delphinad flame belt (celest) 3 Br +0.8 battlefocus secs.
Delphinad flame gloves (divine) 3% parry, rest 1.5%
Delphinad flame shield (celest)fully block rate gemmed (awesome soulforge skin)
Delphinad flame bow (celest) Melee attack 6, rest def pen 30 fully gemmed

Epherium lightning neck, melee 3.0 frost
Mag gale earrings, 3.0 melee frost x2
epherium gale ring, 3.0 melee frost

Bloodseeker's blade T5 (divine)
Screaming shadow cap (divine)
Screaming shadow boots (divine)

also selling
24 armor house, fully furnished with many crafting workbenches
24 plot (lunar gazebo)
24 gazebo
24 house somewhat furnished