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02-05-2016, 04:30 PM
Let me step in and cut this off early.Yes, we are getting stats on costumes. This has been a long set of discussions with XLGAMES that started last year and has slowly evolved over time. Yes, Korea has a variant of the system that we're getting, because they wanted to introduce it there first to gauge reaction. No, we're not getting it simply because Korea has it -- this is something we worked with XL extensively on, as we had a large amount of opinions on how to do this right.As we explained in the livestream, the Costume Synthesis system was originally too broad and too uncontrollable. It's since been refined to providing a "base" costume that essentially possesses a class. The base costume can be purchased with 200 Prestige from a guild shop, 200 Gilda Stars, and 100 Loyalty Tokens. Obviously the easiest way (as mentioned on the stream) is the Guild Shop. The base costume can be one of 4 variants: Melee, Range, Magic, and Healing.As the base costume levels up, it will gain additional stats. In the initial ranks, the pool of possible stats it will draw from will be very limited. Like a melee base costume will frequently draw from Max Health, Physical Defense, Magic Defense, Move Speed, etc. As the costume gets higher rank, the pool it can draw from will increase further and further, sometimes beginning to trip into other specialties.But what's important here is that the base costume is leveled up and made more powerful by in-game item drops and in-game crafting. Right now, the system straight drops the Dim Synthesis Shards required for the first portions, but the higher leveled versions need other items like Gilda Dust, Blue Salt Hammers, etc. in order to be crafted. The system, obviously, increases in difficulty the higher level the base costume gets.So the system accomplishes a lot. It brings statistics to the costume slot (which a whole bunch of you (http://forums.archeagegame.com/showthread.php?66190) have been demanding (http://forums.archeagegame.com/showthread.php?262237-quot-Balance-changes-made-to-match-the-Korean-Version-quot&p=2201683#post2201683), by the by (http://forums.archeagegame.com/showthread.php?262612-A-tale-of-Archery....-By-an-archer&p=2204448&viewfull=1#post2204448)), it lets people choose what costume they want to wear (and easily change it when they feel like it), and it still leverages in-game methods to craft and level.We're going to be doing a deeper dive into the system next week via both the livestream and a new article devoted to the system, so we encourage you guys to read up or drop on by!

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