View Full Version : Completely ignored by the Support

02-10-2016, 06:12 PM
Hello everyone,
I am customer since June or July of 2012 when i registered and participated in End of Nations Alpha.
I have participated on Rift Beta, Defiance all closed beta, Defiance all open beta, Defiance Live, Archeage Alpha, Archeage all closed beta and Archeage live.
I invested a lot of time in all this games and over the time o got a lot of items that now you only can get by buying them from other players at huge prices or other not at all.
On 1 of February i got banned because someone used some software on my account on the night of 31 of January, thing that i wasn't aware of till i received an email saying that i got banned.
Since then i try to get my account unbanned but the only thing i got was the ignorance of the support department by treating me like some kind of criminal.
The only answers i got where in 1 and 2 of February that seemed like copy paste answers, completely ignoring what i wrote.
Right now no matter how many tickets i open they close them directly without any answer.
If someone here that had an similar experience and recovered their account could help me by telling me how did he succeed.
Thank you in advance