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Celestrata Bloodsong
02-22-2016, 03:52 PM
ArcheAge Version 2.5, Build 8.2 Patch Notes -- February Update


Turn it up to 11: Mistsong Summit Hard Mode is now available!
"It doesn't stop haunting us. It keeps ringing in our ears... She keeps singing... Please... Please Adventurer... quell it."

The Fates have aligned and it is time to face a new threat in Mistsong Summit. Visit the dungeon and test your might against the Hard versions of Aria, Dochul, and Sojung by setting the Weight and Balance to Hard before you fight. Just don't expect for them to give you any quarter.

Infuse your costumes with power in the new Costume Synthesis system!
"That's right. Weave the Archeum into the threads themselves, then begin the stitching. Keep your hand steady at this part, and try not to disturb the Synthium."

The community has asked, and it's finally come: Costumes can now be leveled up and earn statistics of their own! To learn more about how you can get a fancy new look that will increase your power, visit our official website and read more about the Costume Synthesis system (http://www.trionworlds.com/archeage/en/2016/02/18/level-up-your-livery-add-stats-to-your-fashion-with-costume-synthesis/).

Two new limited time events are coming your way, courtesy the Daru!
"They've seen a Masked Daru wandering the lands as of late. The inns are buzzing about him, saying that he's offering new rewards for familiar threats..."

For the next few weeks, a Masked Daru will be offering some extra rewards for some of your favorite tasks! Between February 23rd and March 8, you'll be able to claim an extra reward box for defeating one of the leaders of Mistsong Summit. Between March 8 and March 22, fighting and scoring a kill in either the Skirmish or Sparring arenas will get you some extra Proven Warrior's Medals! Keep an eye out for this special Daru on the Crimson Altar of Mistmerrow, or in your local capital city or Diamond Shores, by the Arena Manager.

General Changes

Players may now increase their inventory size to 150 slots through Expansion Scrolls. Enjoy the extra room!
The team has applied a possible fix for the "Storage Chest Already In Use" bug. Please try your chests and let us know if they open!

Quests and Achievements

13 new achievements have been added to Mistsong Summit.


Mistsong Summit: Medium and Easy Dochul's skills have been adjusted and certain hit point elements of his fight have been decreased. Overall, these changes should lower the difficulty of the fight.
Sea of Drowned Love: The Northern / Southern / Eastern Guardian Gates are now closed after 30 minutes from their opening.


There is now a dismissal warning popup message before a guild member is removed from a guild.

Items, Crafting, and Regrading

Certain specialty tradepacks have had their material requirements and turn-in prices adjusted. They are as follows:

Hellswamp Ground Peanuts: Peanut requirement changed from 100 to 35.
Solis Red Spice: Saffon requirement changed from 40 to 12.
Windscour Chilled Beverages: Aloe requirement changed from 75 to 25.
Perinoor Fried Meat: Peanut requirement changed from 100 to 35.

A Porcelain Jar now drops in Mistsong Summit.
Fusion Alembics are now available on General Merchants.
Applying an image or costume to a basic costume no longer requires Fusion Alembics.
We've added 5 Bind on Pickup versions of familiar costumes -- Royal's Disguise, Rags of the Spoonlord, and the variants of the Purestar Ball Attire. Legacy versions of these costumes will remain Bind of Equip and will not become Bind on Pickup.
A new item has been added to the game in order to facilitate costume trading across the Auction House, in lieu of the Royal's Disguise.
Ayanad Disciple Costumes no longer require Coagulated Archeum Crystals. The item has been replaced by Blue Salt Hammers.


When the player opens an Anywhere Warehouse, the inventory now also opens for your item storage convenience.
Made adjustments to prevent invalid looting.
The Auction House no longer uses time as a measurement of… er… time. Welcome back, hours and minutes!

Bug Fixes

Fixed a graphical error associated with a female Nuian character wearing Soulforged Greaves.
Fixed an issue on the Marketplace where a discounted price was not being displayed correctly by the original price.
Fixed an issue where the achievement list would move to page 1 when an achievement on page 2 is completed.
Fixed a bug where the Treasure Guardian's Imprison can be targeted by harpoons to lift a ship.