View Full Version : Scapes: Improvements to ArcheAge Patching on Glyph

08-14-2014, 02:30 PM
Adventurers,We've been hearing your feedback and are pleased to announce that patching ArcheAge on Glyph is about to become an easier experience. Starting today with our Alpha servers and following CBE3 for our Beta servers, Glyph will have the following changes:

Decrease average download size for patches (though some patches of course will still be large).
Decrease space requirements to patch games (approximately the size of the actual download, so 25 GB free to install, as opposed to 50 GB previously).
Enable network-level compression to speed up transfers and make downloads go faster.
Add a repair option like other Trion games.
Allow direct patching between any two versions of ArcheAge.
This update will require a one-time conversion of your Glyph client which will take approximately 15 minutes to complete. Failing to upgrade will cause Error 1005 which results when the old Glyph client tries to interpret the new patching format (and fails). You'll need to restart Glyph to pick up the update.We continuing to improve the Glyph client and your feedback helps. Feel free to share your experience with us via email (mailto:glyph-feedback@trionworlds.com).

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