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03-01-2016, 08:04 AM
Currently have the below up for sale:

KR - [UPDATED] 4 16x plots (1 improved scarecrow) - All connected and Certed. Accepting offers on a 24x that is not certed.
Halcy - 1 16x Improved Scarecrow for Sale - Certed
Bone Island - 16x Certed (house) for Sale
Bone Island - 16x Demo willing to sell - Send me a note on Forums or in-game
Diamond Shore - Tidal Bungalow - Not currently certed, but willing to sell. Send me a note on forums or in game.
Marianople - [NEW] 1 24x Certed Gazebo for Sale
Hellswamp and Sandeep Properties (16x and 24x lots) - Not posted for sell, but will entertain some offers. Send me a note on Forums or in game

Certed Prices are Final and non-negotiable. Any other plots that are not certed, but listed above, feel free to send me offers, and I will review them. Any messages saying "how much" will be ignored. I don't particularly have target prices on anything not currently certed.

03-03-2016, 08:26 AM
Have updated the above post to be current as of today. Made notations where changes were made. I've received a couple notes on the HS properties. Again, I'm not interested in haggling with a "how much do you want" question. If you have an offer, you are welcome to make it. Otherwise, will simply plan on keeping those.

Thank You