View Full Version : WTB Northern White Arden Land

03-04-2016, 12:54 PM

I am currently looking for land in Northern most housing area of "White Arden"

My Requirements are as follows :

1. Looking for certed land only. I dont do demo's due to the risk unless i can get the land before i pay which i doubt most people would do therefore certed is my prefered method.

2. I know the going rate of land in WA and therefore any offers like 1.5k+ for a 16x16 aint gonna happen as even during/after char transfers im still seing that particular size go for as low as 1.2-1.25k and not just 1 in the past week/month either.

Please keep in mind that i do realize price can vary especially if we are talking a bundle deal or if say a typical 24x24 gazebo may go for 2600 gold but if its a 24x24 thatched etc i will account for building costs and thus i realize the price would be higher etc so i am NOT looking to rob some one blind and get property for pennies.

3. Location wise i would love to get some property thats kind of on an edge etc as having stuff on all sides of me isnt prefered BUT its not an absolute must.

Idealy i would love to get one of the following :

3 16x16 farms connected
2 24x24 farms connected

Keep in mind im not just looking for that im looking for anything from a townhouse to a thatched to a 28x28 house depending on location in that housing area etc.

Please send me an ingame mail with what your offering location and price wise and i will get back to you as quickly as i can. I wouldnt reccomend /whispers to start as i tend to space etc and have a good chance to miss em.

Char name to mail offers to is "Lunaw"

thanks for any offers in advance

Edit : I forgot to mention that IF you are selling land outside of Northmost White Arden or outside the zone itself IF that property is certed and connected and on an edge aka not in the middle of a bunch of other properties especialy on a nice seaside/lakeside coast i will entertain offers for that as well. Nothing on Auroria though please as im too carebear for that :( but a pvp zone like cinderstone would be ok etc.