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03-04-2016, 01:21 PM
ArcheAge looks really beautiful.
I didn't have a good computer enough to play AA at the time of it's release.
At the time of it's release, everyone was so hyped up for AA, even bought a lot of $150 Founder's Packs.

Now, I have a decent computer and AA was on the top of my list of games to play.
But should I play now? Is it even worth it anymore?
I keep on hearing negative reviews about this game now and how P2W this game really is.
So, does that mean I'm off the hook now? I can't really play P2W games. I mean, I can dish out some money every now and then but that's not a whole lot.

And I've hearing how dead this game is/how low this population is.
If I DO play, would I meet other people and make some friends?

Or should I just back out?

Tera Path
03-04-2016, 01:39 PM
I was just like you, loved AA but could never play it.
I liked ArcheAge but I could never play it since my PC wasn't good enough, but I got a good one not too long ago and started playing regardless of all the negativity around it.
Honestly, I don't regret it at all. I've met tons of cool people that have helped me out with pretty much everything.

AA is P2W in a way, if you dish out hundreds of dollars quite often it certainly is P2W, otherwise it's more like "Pay to not work as hard as others".
If you play you can definitely meet people and make friends and I'm sure that there are tons of guilds out there that will accept you and help you out.
Currently the most active server is probably Kyrios, full of PvP. Sadly as a new player you can't really join in on the PvP unless you dish out hundreds of dollars, the gear gap is too great.
Kraken is also a good server I believe, they have a good population.

The beginning is quite boring in AA tbh, all the fun is at the end game.
If you really like the end game aspects of the game you should definitely check it out and maybe buy patron for a month.

The Wanderer
03-04-2016, 02:37 PM
Welcome back!

Don't mind the negative reviews. These days, it seems that more people are inclined to review something that upsets them, while those who enjoy the same thing are content and silent. There's a lot of complaining on the forums and on Steam, but it's not really representative of the attitude in-game in my experiences.

The game certainly isn't dead, but it has quieted some. Such is the fate of niche games like ArcheAge. There are still plenty of active players, however, and even the so-called "dead" servers are active and lively--some just moreso than others. It's very likely you'll meet other players, especially when it comes time to go through the beginner dungeons. Some who step up as mentors are happy to educate you and drag you into their guilds.

Tera Path had good feedback for you about the "P2W" aspect. If you're rich and willing to be a whale, then you can certainly pay money to work less hard than other players, but RNG (for as frustrating as it can be) keeps people from simply purchasing their success, and skill comes into play in PvP more than you'd imagine. P2W isn't really even an issue if you're not that into PvP.

03-05-2016, 08:01 AM
Thanks very much for the reply you two.
You don't know how much these posts mean to me~
Now, I know, for sure that I will definitely be playing ArcheAge now.
PvP doesn't really matter to me too much. I will be sticking to PvE as much as I can and if I find a guild who loves PvE, I'll probably be a long-term player and enjoy my time with this guild!

The Wanderer
03-05-2016, 10:20 AM
Woohoo! Where'd you end up rolling, server-wise? :)