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03-14-2016, 11:40 AM
Collecting sunken chests are simply a place to spend labour without getting anything in return for it. While I agree the state of vaultstones is disappointing, I think it's slightly disingenuous to say the whole enterprise is a waste of labor. Ship Comp scrolls have been going for 4g on my AH cluster. So let's do some back-of-the-envelope math here... Assuming you get one shipwright's bag per average 5 sunken chests, and each bag contains average 5 scrolls, that's: 25 labor x 5 chests = 125L to find a bag +15L to open the bag = 140L total labor cost per Enoan Shipwright's bag Assuming average 5 scrolls x 4g each = 20g per 140L Subtract the cost of 5 recovery pouches used (40s on AH assuming you don't make 'em yourself) = 18g per 140L That averages out to a little under 13s per point of labor, not counting vendor trash. And that's completely ignoring your chance to get pottery and/or perditas. I mean, there's a reason this content was so heavily botted for so long. The profit is there. It's just affected by the number of chests that can be in the world at any given time, and how many people are actively farming them. The fact that vaultstone relics are currently relegated to fluff decoration is annoying, and adds more RNG to the process than I might like. But it certainly doesn't make treasure diving worthless as a whole. WITH THAT SAID: no upcoming changes on vaultstones to report, OP. Sorry. As of now, they are just collectible decor items that give you a useful title if you manage to find them all. But, uh... in case it wasn't obvious already, I'm pretty into Exploration. I'll let'cha know if I hear anything. EDIT: lol oh. Hi Aserghui. This is a good example of why I should refresh forum pages more often while I'm doing other tasks.

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