View Full Version : WTS loads of lands in Nuia/Auroria [44x44 upgraded Asian mansion also]

03-17-2016, 08:11 AM
Here is the list of the lands, preferably all demo pls :

3 24x24 gazebo, 2 16x16 connected @sandeep mermaid tears - beautiful island perfect for treehouse or larders

2 miners thatched farmhouse, 2 tree houses and 44x44 upgraded harani mansion @marianople very close to the river - can stack packs and easily take them out to the sea

3 24x24 demo @ calmlands - all connected in front of entrance to nuimari , eligible to both archeum trees and braziers since they're all in front of the flaming logs spawning area and auroria waters spawn near nuimari entrance

2 24x24 and one 16x16 demo @heedmar at the rightest loadstone
1 24x24 and 5 16x16 demo @ heedmar all connected at the center loadstone

Whisper/send mail to Ravennia / Chimiki / Neoshadow thank you :)