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Celestrata Bloodsong
03-21-2016, 10:10 AM
ArcheAge Version 2.5, Build 8.3 Patch Notes -- March Update


Updates to the Costume Synthesis System
"Why are we still weaving in the power of these stones by hand? Why can't we modify the looms?"

The Costume Synthesis System now supports costume upgrades to Epic Tier. An Epic quality costume has 4 statistics and allows a total amount of 7 single stat rerolls from Basic to Epic grade. Lucid Synthium Stones are required to upgrade the costume from Heroic to Epic grades. Lucid Synthium Stones can be purchased for 40 Loyalty Tokens each or crafted using the following recipe:

Alchemy > Synthesis Materials
1 Vivid Synthium Stone, 10 Blue Salt Hammers, 1 Misagon's Crystal and 20 Gilda Dust

Misagon's Crystal is a new item available in a guild Prestige Shop for 10 Prestige Points.

The following Synthium Stone quantities and types are required to upgrade the costume based on grade:

Basic to Grand: 4 Clear Synthium Stones (Gains first statistic)
Grand to Rare: 8 Clear Synthium Stones (Allows 1 stat reroll)
Rare to Arcane: 12 Vivid Synthium Stones (Gains second statistic, allows 1 stat reroll)
Arcane to Heroic: 16 Vivid Synthium Stones (Gains third statistic, allows 1 stat reroll)
Heroic to Unique: 20 Lucid Synthium Stones (Gains fourth statistic, allows 1 stat reroll)
Unique to Celestial: 24 Lucid Synthium Stones (Allows 1 stat reroll)
Celestial to Divine: 28 Lucid Synthium Stones (Allows 1 stat reroll)
Divine to Epic: 32 Lucid Synthium Stones (Allows 1 stat reroll)

Bound Serendipity Stone Shards and Bound Serendipity Stones have been added. 14 of these shards can be combined to create a stone. This stone can be used to reroll a single statistic on a costume. An upcoming in-game event will feature these shards/stones as a reward and will be the first time they become available.

Tier 3 Refined Lunagems are now available!
"The first thing I remember about the new Refined Lunagems was the way they shined in the sunlight. That distinctive sparkle quickly gave away their reinforced structure."

Tier 3 (Lucid) Refined Lunagems are now available and can be crafted by a 130,000 skill or higher Handicrafter. Only Fire and Wave type T3 Lunagems can be crafted. Gale, Earth and Honor Lunagems may not be refined at this time.

T3 Wave-type Lunagems

Lucid Refined Lunagem: Defense
Lucid Refined Lunagem: Magic Defense

T3 Fire-Type Lunagems

Lucid Refined Lunagem: Strong Blow
Lucid Refined Lunagem: Sharpshot
Lucid Refined Lunagem: Apex
Lucid Refined Lunagem: Salvation
Lucid Refined Lunagem: Buffet
Lucid Refined Lunagem: Marksman
Lucid Refined Lunagem: Extreme
Lucid Refined Lunagem: Aid

The materials used to craft these gems include 3 of the base T3 unrefined lunagem, Sapphire or Ruby, Sunset Pearls and 100 Blue Salt Hammers.

Upgrade your Farm Hauler to the next level!
"You're lookin' to put a few more crates back there, eh? Yeah, I think me 'an the boys here can do that for yah."

The new 8-slot Farm Freighter has been added to the game, and the tickets required to upgrade will be available on the ArcheAge Marketplace as of March 25th! This farm cart features 8 slots to support tradepacks. All existing Hauler-tier pack transport vehicles can be converted to the Freighter through user of the Farm Freighter Upgrade Ticket.

The following Machining recipes have been added to support this upgrade:

Machining > Farm Freighter

Farm Hauler to Farm Freighter
Red Farm Hauler to Red Farm Freighter
Yuletide Hauler to Yuletide Farm Freighter
Rudolph Hauler to Rudolph Farm Freighter
Red Rudolph Hauler to Red Rudolph Farm Freighter

Users who wish to change the base type of their hauler must do so before upgrading it to a Freighter.

General Changes

The Leviathan has been modified to despawn physical objects that may be preventing his pathing. Due to these changes, he will be available for combat once again. His combat patterns will be monitored to ensure he's working as intended. Any confusion or unintended game play experienced should be reported immediately.
Mounts will now desummon when mounted by a passenger and are more than 48 meters away from the owner.
Thanks to community feedback, we've doubled the drop rate of Synthium Shards from coinpurses. We will continue to monitor the rates (and your feedback) and may continue to make adjustments. Thank you for your opinions!
To help address concerns around when the login tracker refreshes, a timer has been added to the Login Tracker window. If the timer is beyond 12 AM server time and the tracker has not reset, please report this to us in the Bug Report section.
The NPCs in Diamond Shores that distribute quests to improve the faction base are now invunlerable. They can no longer be moved or killed.

Quests and Achievements

The quests associated with the Battle for Mistmerrow will be available for 10 minutes instead of 20 minutes.

Bug Fixes

Synthium Shards can no longer be equipped to the costume wearable slot.
Fixed an issue that prevented lunagem socketing that occurred when the UI window was closed during the socketing process.
Made an adjustment to the way wireframes of certain objects are shown when using DX11.
Fixed an issue that caused the Dread Guard costume to be displayed as worn in the Marketplace Preview window.