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03-21-2016, 01:30 PM
So let's go further down into why we are deciding what we are deciding in this circumstance. First of all, this is a very limited of selection of individuals performing this behavior. This is why we chose to first talk to those individuals rather than create a brand new rule preventing this behavior. It honestly doesn't impact every server, and it honestly isn't a huge amount of people doing this. Unfortunately, some of those individuals who have been doing this have continued to do it past our kind warnings to stop. So, at this point, as we informed them, we need to take action. Drydocks suck in naval combat for both reasons people have mentioned: they are immovable and they are indestructible. Yes, sure, they have a cost to putting them down, just like a boat, but they are providing extra advantages over just a boat (including lasting for 3 days and cluttering up the sea). Using boats as chaff is somewhat different -- they can be blown up and destroyed, they can be pushed through, they possess physics. They also can be despawned much faster. Will we have to speak with XL regarding this issue, and there may be changes to the game because of it. (And yes, some people have privately mentioned to me that this is a "legitimate" strategy in KR. To which we must respond that our servers are not KR and do not have to follow the same rules. Different audiences and all of that.) And, as to the other issues people have brought up in this thread, I must insist that they are treated separately. They are all important of course, but they may have different outcomes as we discuss them with XL. We're not fans of having to do this, especially in a sandbox game like this. But in order to keep things fair for everyone and to keep naval combat from sinking into "everyone drop drydocks at every opportunity," this is what we must do until changes can come to the game. TL;DR -- Blocking people in naval combat with drydocks is now being counted under our blocking policy, and will result in actions being taken against your account.

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