View Full Version : GM Fasti: Automatically disconnected when i see cryengine 3

08-15-2014, 02:50 AM
Because none of the other steps have worked, you can try another thing. First, restart your PC. Then, open up the application called Notepad. Paste the following text into that Notepad file making sure you adjust the resolution settings to match your computer (r_width = 1920 r_height = 1080 is mine, but may not work for you). Right-click on your Desktop and select the Resolution option to find your native resolution: -- [SYSTEM CONFIGURATION] -- WARNING! THIS FILE IS GENERATED BY THE SYSTEM! EDITING IS NOT RECOMMENDED! sys_spec_full = 4 r_driver = "DX9" r_multithreaded = 0 option_sound = 2 r_windowx = 0 r_windowy = 39 r_width = 1920 r_height = 1080 r_fullscreen = 0 r_vsync = 0 login_first_movie = 1 ucc_ver = 2 auto_disconnect_timer = 30 Next up, click the Save button and type the file name system.cfg. Where it says Save as type, select the drop-down menu and set this to All Files. Finally, click the Save button and move this file to your Documents\ArcheAge folder. After this is done, go ahead and launch Glyph, then ArcheAge again.

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