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03-28-2016, 09:05 AM
Hello I'm looking for this items for those who want to sell or plan to farm them and make gold of it m

Mail me in game > fureur so we can organize the trade to avoid 5% AH fee

Please link on names to see pictures and details of the wanted item

Jola's scale (http://archeagedatabase.net/us/item/34753/) found

Garden records (http://archeagedatabase.net/us/item/34756/) found

Red dragon spinal (http://archeagedatabase.net/us/item/28978/) found

Vyrava's inferno (http://archeagedatabase.net/us/item/34752/) found

Fierce vow's blood (http://archeagedatabase.net/us/item/34762/) found

Experienced adventurer's compass (http://archeagedatabase.net/us/item/34757/) still searching for 1 x

Mail in game > fureur

04-12-2016, 04:12 PM
Thread update due find some mats

Still looking for other