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04-01-2016, 02:30 PM
http://www.trionworlds.com/archeage/wp-content/uploads/sites/6/2015/11/login-rewards_blog.jpgThis monthís login tracker is no fooliní around! Earn Archeum AND Vivid Synthium Stones to power up your costume stats as you log in each day. Plus, retrieve another commemorative coin for your growing collection: Luciusís Song!Are you a login tracker newbie? Hereís what you need to do to retrieve your daily rewards:

Log into ArcheAge with your desired character and open the calendar button. Itís in the lower right hand corner.
Visit the Login Tracker tab to reveal the trackerís calendar and rewards.
Click the ďLogin TrackerĒ button in the lower right hand portion of the window. The daily reward will be granted to you and visibly placed into your pack. Come back tomorrow for a new item!
The Login Trackerís rewards donít work on a streak system, so you wonít lose rewards for missing a day. Log in as much as possible in a month to earn the 21 day rewards!
This monthís new rewards include the following:Daily Reward

1 Archeum Crate each day. This crate can contain Sunlight, Moonlight, or Starlight Archeum Shard.
On every 5th day, youíll receive 1 Bound Vivid Synthium Stone!
7-Day Login Bonus

Bound Workerís Compensation: 1000
14-day Login Bonus

Commemorative Coin: Luciusís Song Ė Display this coin in your home, turn it in on Mirage Isle for 10 Gilda, or place them into a group frame and display them together! Collect all of the Library Expedition!
21-day Login Bonus

Login Badge Ė Earn these to work towards the powerful and exquisite Andelph Patrol Mech!

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