View Full Version : WTS Lots of Solzreed Land - Mostly Connected - (24) Plots

04-03-2016, 09:20 PM
I am looking to sell my collection of land in south Solzreed Peninsula. There are a couple 16's that aren't directly connected to the land, but are very close. There is a 28x28 house that can be converted into a treehouse. Most of the 16's are lunar/stellar and would require demo. Main house is an Apothecary's Chalet. Enough space for about 245 larders, depending on placement.

(2) - 28x28 - One upgraded, one regular.
(1) - 24x24 Lunar Gazebo
(5) - 24x24 Regular Gazebo
(13) - 16x16 Lunar/Stellar
(3) - 16x16 Scarecrow

General layout of the farm:

My location on the map is about the middle of the farm:

I am looking to sell it in its entirety. I am willing to negotiate on certifications for the land, however of the 24 plots, only 10 are able to be cert'ed.

Best offer, selling for gold only.