View Full Version : Land for Sale

04-12-2016, 03:07 PM
Looking to sell:

12k: 28x Tradehouse in Cinderstone. Southern tip by the sea. Great 2 min runs to Austera for charcoal.

25k: 24x Tradehouse in Sanddeep. I feel this is the best spot in the game for the general laid back attitudes of those folks in this zone. Good for big payouts per merchant ship for any of the types of materials you want. This one is nearly a direct pack to boat house. Does not get much better than this to make money.

10k: 6 24x spots in Windscour. 2 Harvester Farmhouses, 1 Rancher Farmhouse. 3 24x plots. all in a 3x2 N/S arrangement.

Package deal for all land and houses is 40k, 1 of 5 houses already will be certed.