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04-15-2016, 12:45 PM
Hello guys, i am new at archeage, so i have a question, what is the best in slot for Clerics? have different gear for pvp and pve? Thanks a lot for your attention! (sorry for my english)

Kisses Misskenpa

04-15-2016, 12:56 PM
Hey there
You should use the same armor for both PVP and PVE, use Obsidian Cloth armor (V2), or Stone cloth set, about the weapon, for PVP, go 1H Club with Shield, for PVE, go 2H Club, not sure about the Bow tho :P

04-15-2016, 01:00 PM

this should help

04-15-2016, 01:05 PM

this should help

Thanks Seearis!

So we dont use any sets with bonus like serpentis drops ... its strange for me because in WoW we use sets all the time

04-15-2016, 01:30 PM
There are multiple ways to play cleric/healer:

Use a 2-hand greatclub to be the highest ode and your only task will be to stay alive, keep ode playing, sometimes heal yourself, and play other songs to increase your healing power.

Build around getting big casts like mend, skewer, and whirlwind off quickly.

Full time combat revives using shadowplay to stealth, good if you have bad gear.

Weapon: Club, Greatclub, Obsidian Shortspear (cast time, 5% nerf to healing power next patch)
Shield: Epherium+ earth, Obsidian (Pdef), Kraken (Use for active only, not main)
Bow: BloodCrimson Lightning (Spirit, only T2 gems), Obsidian (Stam + mana), Grinding Boneshatter (Greater Hadir farm craft, some Spirit + combat mana regen)
Instrument: Ode of Vitalism (Spirit, increase boon rank), Obsidian (Pdef)

Necklace: Meadow: (Crit heal rate), Halcyona (%dmg decrease, stam, more)
Earrings: Carmila's Memory (Spirit, 2% heal increase), Wave (%dmg reduction)
Rings: Holy Yny's Guardian (2.5% heal increase), Wave (Cast time), Life (Spirit)

Hood: Life, Obsidian (Pure, +healing power), Auroria Dulcet Vitalism (Revive cast time)
Shirt: Life, Obsidian (Pure, +healing power), Auroria Dulcet Vitalism (Mend cast time)
Sleeves: Life, Shadow Warrior's Shadows (Crafted with Serpentis mage set)
Sash: Life, Cruel Glory Sash (Crafted with 60k honor and GR 7-set)
Gloves: Life, Obsidian (Pure, + healing crit)
Pants: Life, Obsidian (Pure, cast time)
Shoes: Life, Obsidian (Flaming Passion, cast time)

04-16-2016, 12:03 AM
All good feedback thus far. Unfortunately dungeon sets aren't anywhere close to BiS currently (unlike WoW). You will want to collect the full 7/7 serpentis set(s) to build your reforged serpentis sleeves but if you do PVP you actually will want to prioritize the "mage" serpentis set (in my groups healers were allowed to claim that for their primary spec). You could also get the reforged healer sleeves but those seem better for PVE.

I would definitely read in full the guide Seearis linked above and if you find anything missing or confusing please post at the end of that thread to get help/clarity/advice.

The most important investment you will make is your main weapon.

If you are going full healer all the time I would go 1H Obsidian Club+Shield and otherwise follow the healer guide depending on what you want to prioritize. I would not go 2H Club because you lose the shield option... If you ever feel you want more healing power than a 1H is giving you then you can add the healing off hand for a boost (and then swap back to shield when you are focused) so a 1H weapon gives you more options/flexibility.

If you want to be able to swap to melee DPS/Tank roles then I would go with a 1H Obsidian ShortSpear as that will open up Argent, Paladin, Dervish, etc for you as well as even straight melee specs if you wanted to try that for a change of pace. In the future they will likely slightly nerf the ShortSpear [from a pure healing perspective] but it will still be optimal for Hybrids or people who want a single weapon to be applicable to the widest array of specs.

05-04-2016, 10:13 AM
A good long term goal BiS is the library quest earring. its stam + % crit heal bonus, as well as +70% crit rate active at max rank. Thats pretty much crit heals on demand for 2 seconds especially with zeal.

05-04-2016, 12:23 PM
Are you looking to do PvE or PvP. Some of these responses are entirely depent on one or the other.

Best overall gearset in my opinion is

Helm: obsidian t4 (pure)
Chest: obsidian t4 (pure)
Sleeves: Stone (epherium)
Wrist: Stone (epherium)
Gloves: Obsidian t4 (pure)
Panties: Stone (epherium)
Shoes: Stone (epherium)

Obsidian Club t4+
Obsidian Sheild
Obsidian Bow (stamina version)
Obsidian Flute (for phy def)

Halcy neck (hella reduction)
Gale earrings x2 (Parry is op with the amount of stam + guild cloak)
wave ring x2

You have a good amount of stam for health, good amount of spirit for healing power + crit heals, you have a good amount of parry mixed in to deal with melee (around 20%), sheild gives you survivablity (not a fan of greatclub). Stone 4 peice is awesome but you also get the most important obsidian peices for best healing power possible.

I also agree with nodoze, shortspear is definantly an alternate to club as thats what Ive always used a shortspear and never regretted it.

05-04-2016, 01:45 PM
Parry is not a useful stat for healers because even with a lot of stam (giving you ~6%), it will all be negated with any decent amount of focus. It also does not apply when casting, when not facing the target, against ranged attacks (no passive), and when casting. Wave is much better for defense.

05-04-2016, 08:42 PM
I disagree,

When I run Darkrunner I have 3500 focus, that only allows me about 9% parry/block reduction. Most melees dont have 3500 focus so if you have 25% parry rate as a healer a very well geared darkrunner or melee still has to go through 16% parry. May not seem like alot but when you parry a precision strike or overwhelm you will be happy.

Dont get me wrong Wave is good as well but parry also allows you to pve tank very well. 25% parry in a dungeon along with 20% block + defense tree means you can tank any phy def boss easy even as a cloth templar. When I tank Carmilla in serp I have to turn around and face away from her just so she can actually hit me since my block and parry is too high as Templar.

True parry does not help during anthesis cast times and mend but does apply during song skills and while your waiting for CD's on anthesis (like when you have conversion up) Good example is Mistsong aria boss, the part where she wants you to dance with her, I just stand there and face parry/block all the attacks I dont even have to jump whereas other healers get nuked with 3 attacks from that.