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04-20-2016, 02:30 PM
http://www.trionworlds.com/archeage/wp-content/uploads/sites/6/2015/07/blood-currency_blog.jpgWith the spring in full swing, don’t miss out on these limited time events. Claim fame, earn rewards, and have fun!Triple Honor Weekend!Dates: 4/22/2016 (8:00AM PDT) ~ 4/24/2016 (7:59AM PDT)As if you needed any more reason to destroy fools who dare step in your way – For the first time ever, you will be rewarded THREE TIMES the Honor for PvP this weekend, from 4/22 to 4/24.Rum Runner Rapids returns!Dates: From the April Update to 5/2/2016 (4:59PM PDT)As legend surrounding the daring heroics of the barrel riding adventurer grows, residents of Rookborne Basin and Windscour Savannah put aside their difference once again, and invite all would-be-smugglers to the annual Rum Runner Rapids event. For a limited time, you are invited to bring your sturdiest barrel to the treacherous ravines of Loka River and claim your own fame.Get in the barrel, speed down the river, jockey for position, trip up the competition, and collect your checkpoint flags. Don’t forget to taunt and mock the fools who break their barrels! Great riches await those who survive. Yes, this is your chance to own your own Carrot Wings and Cyanfin!Guildies with BenefitsDates: 5/4/2016 ~ 5/24/2016 (4:59PM PDT)Let’s be honest -- there are mates and then there are MATES. It’s all about lasting relationships… and certain benefits! Work with your guild administration to perform tasks which earns prestige for yourself and tokens for the guild administration. These tokens can be used to purchase physical advertisements or UCC items.Talk to the agent, Boson in Mirage Isle to start the event.Surf N’ TurfDates: From the April Update to 5/24/2016 (4:00PM PDT)There are riches to be found whether you are on land or in water. All you need are a keen set of eyes and the willingness to go look for them. Go mine for the Fortuna Veins which have a chance to drop Thiorium, or catch the Gold Pufferfish in Austera (East) / Two Crowns (West).Thiorium can be exchanged a the Festival Gift Exchanger in Mirage Isle for a variety of rewards including the Owl Mailman. Gold Pufferfish can be exchanged for a variety of rewards including the rare vessel, Albatross Longliner.

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