View Full Version : WTS - Max Gemmed Flame Leather

04-20-2016, 08:49 PM


I want to sell as a full set.

04-22-2016, 06:00 PM
Sadly my gear is gone. I sent it to a guy on Morpheus who acted as if he paid me, however he did not pay me. He scammed me in a very bad way and now I am left with no gear. If anyone see's my flame gear on anyone, just know that that person is a horrible, cheating, awful person. They are not human.

Everyone can say that I was gullible, and say it was my fault, but had you of seen the extreme measures that this guy took to make it look as if he paid me then you would be more understanding. In the end this was my fault for being a trusting, nice and a decent human being. I've played MMORPG's since Everquest 1 and this is the first time that I've ever been ♥♥♥♥ed over like this. I'm not a vindictive person but I really hope karma catches up to him ten fold.