View Full Version : Celestrata Bloodsong: Rum Runner Rapids: Exploiting Game Mechanics

04-25-2016, 08:50 AM
Hey guys,So let's talk about the blocking thing a bit. While some of you may be blocking to be great, nice, wonderful people (and that's quite appreciated), other people sadly have been blocking the river and have not been great, nice, wonderful people. They have been actively trying to stop people from participating in the event, and that's why the GMs have been responding to blocking with warnings instead of outright bans (in order to let people know this was not ok) and have been trying to keep the river clear for event participants.This is the same policy we used last year when Rum Runner Rapids ran the first time, and we did announce on the stream that we would be keeping that anti-blocking policy in place for this year so people can do the event without being blocked from participating.Now, obviously, the argument here is that this is beneficial blocking designed to help people out. Again, while we appreciate that, "Don't block the river with vehicles" needs to be a flat policy that removes all vehicles from the river. It does not matter what the intent of the vehicle is, be it good or bad. We need the river to remain clear so that the event can proceed forward as designed.So, please, while we appreciate the good Samaritans of the sea, please don't block the river for any reason. Thanks!

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