View Full Version : WTS Land

05-04-2016, 08:30 AM
So I have a bunch of different land for sale. I recently acquired some new land so I need to sell some of my other spots.

Marcela West: 24 Gazebo + 16 SC touching and also the closest 2 spots to the Logs, must see to understand how close.

Marcela West: 24 Gazebo Spot only On the North Ocean near Fellowship.

Castaway Strait: 16 Scarecrow, Island Beach Plot between Two Crown and Solis, beautiful for staging packs.

Hasla: 24x24 Armorers Crafting Townhouse and 16x16 Scarecrow nearly touching, most beautiful plot I have, amazing mountain top view. Must see.

Ynyestere: 3 16x16 Demo Touching, North Yny, these plots are right on the Northern Point on the Ocean, amazing view.

Windscour: 16x16 Scarecrow, South Windscour, great for making larders.

Pm me here or in game Aramastus (East) if interested. Thx.