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05-04-2016, 12:30 PM
Cross posted from the other thread on this: So, in a quick turn around, we here on the team are going to work on moving the EU Event Schedule later to accommodate the later hours. We hope that shows that we have been paying close attention to this thread and have been considering your feedback, as stated previously. Now, this comes with a few notes that are important to get across to everyone. 1. These changes will make it in before the new, updated schedule goes live. The feedback here was given early enough where we can do that. 2. We still want everyone to understand that getting these changes in will still not be easy or quick. XL has already built the schedule and has it in testing. This will have to be re-coded in order to switch the schedule later. This is not a single button press or an easy flip, but a series of changes in a lot of hard coded systems in order to get this to work. 3. We absolutely want to listen and look at our data in order to make the best possible decisions for the game and everyone who plays it. We don't make these decisions because we want to ruin someone's fun in the game, nor do we want to make the game a worse experience. Everyone here loves ArcheAge to bits, and I think sometimes people miss that in our larger, more passionate discussions. My personal worry is almost always the question, "Is this right for the entire community?" and it's a question I ask myself before everything gets made. That said, yes, we'll still make mistakes from time to time. We are only human. But please understand we make these decisions because we care about everyone here. If we didn't, we wouldn't be putting together this whole split schedule in the first place. 3. And this is the important one. We're still a month out from this schedule going live, and we haven't even gotten into our testing yet. There is still time for feedback and additional opinions people will have after this goes into testing. We will absolutely still look forward to those opinions and feedback and we will consider them as we have considered everything here. But, in short, we hope this is good news to everyone in this thread, and we look forward to your thoughts.

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