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05-07-2016, 02:50 AM
Hey guys!I know the livestream was kinda hectic, 'cause the system is pretty complex and we didn't have a ton of time to cover it all. But to recap the basics, there are three distinct groups participating in each territory's economy:1) "Citizens and visitors." These are the characters who are NOT part of a ruling guild. This can include members of the Haranyan or Nuian alliances, pirates, or citizens from any of the Auroran nations (as long as they are not members of a guild that rules a territory.) This group earns Lord's Pence by crafting Construction Materials at the capital, performing Territory Farm tasks, and delivering Territory Product from the farm to the Market Merchant. Lord's Pence are literally just 100ths of a Lord's Coin. For some reason they're not tradeable, but it's free to turn 100 pence into a coin and at that point it is totally tradeable like normal.2) Members of a "ruling guild." These are the members of any guild that currently controls an Auroran territory. Doesn't matter if they've upgraded it enough to start their own nation or not: if your guild's name is on the capital, you're the ruling guild. You remember how the last group was delivering packs of Territory Product to the Market? Well once enough product has been delivered, the Market Merchant makes a bunch of Territory Goods. Only members of the ruling guild can collect these goods. They can then earn Lord's Pence by delivering the goods to either their LOCAL warehouses for a standard payout, or the warehouses of a DIFFERENT territory for a larger payout. (NOTE: These packs are totally stealable, and anyone can hand them in to a warehouse once they're offloaded from the market merchant. If you're running a convoy to a nearby friendly castle for the better reward, watch out for raiders. Auroria is still a pvp zone.)3) The Lord and/or SovereignThis is the leader of of the ruling guild. They can do everything the ruling guild can do, with a few extra perks. Relevant to this conversation, the lord/sovereign gets the Lord's Coins generated from the warehouses each time they're filled. Please note that this is SEPARATE INCOME from the Lord's Pence that the ruling guild members are earning as they turn packs in to the warehouse. Warehouse income is delivered via mail, at set intervals, to the lord/sovereign directly.Some interesting sidenotes:Citizens/visitors can turn in their farm product at ANYONE'S market. This means if your market is full but your farms are still generating product, people are gonna deliver your farm product straight to the competition. Even worse: If they don't like you, they can attempt to stroll into your stronghold and make off with your product for their preferred territory. Economic sabotage seems to be a major theme for this new system.Members of ruling guilds earn more lord's pence for turning in their market goods at foreign warehouses. But in doing so, keep in mind they're giving that OTHER territory's lord/sovereign extra warehouse income while potentially starving their own territory's coffers. The politics here are varied. You could arrange a beneficial trade agreement with a neighbor, or attempt to steal foreign tradepacks mid-transit, or avoid the risk entirely and just take a hit in profits.

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