View Full Version : Chat channels: Nation (/n) -> Alliance | Alliance (/f) -> Faction

08-16-2014, 06:31 AM
When clicking the chat channels button to the left of the chat box, there are the following options:

General /s
Whisper /w
Party /p
Raid /r
Guild /g
Family /fam
Shout /sh
Trade /tr
Need Party /lfg
Command /cmd
Trial /trial

I noticed that when using Alliance or /f, the chat text will display as "[Faction: PlayerName]: Text", and when using Nation or /n, it will be "[Alliance: PlayerName]: Text".

I thought that it'd be less confusing if Alliance's shortcut was /a instead of /f, and the text shown was "[Alliance: PlayerName]: Text", and Nation's text was "[Nation: PlayerName]: Text".

Also I noticed that out of the whole list, Alliance/f and Nation/n are the only strings that don't have a space between the channel name and the command, notice how all the other strings are like General /s, with a space between General and /s. This is more of a formatting problem.


08-16-2014, 06:00 PM
Oh, I remember you shouting this bug in game. Good job for reporting this! Keep it up :))