View Full Version : Quillodon: Darkrunner will be stronger than ever in 2.9

05-10-2016, 01:30 PM
Yea, because weapon swapping isn't a thing and no one would switch to dual wield as needed, specially with other BR over powered abilities like Battle Focus. This is a HUGE nerf to archers and overshadows every little morsel of positive change we were expecting and a HUGE buff for BR users when fighting archers, like that was needed.It's ok, another kick in the nuts for archery, we should expect nothing less with Trion and XL Games at our back. Hello again, Edwardo!You're absolutely right! People can totally swap gear to help counter any given class. Someone who has invested in a good shield or two-hander can totally give that up to swap to an offhand if they have it. Just like someone can swap from a pdef shield to an mdef shield, or even change an entire set of cloth to plate if they're crazy enough. This type of thing has been happening forever.But it does limit the field a bit, yes? In terms of weapon swapping: we have now narrowed it down to specifically BR users, who have both passives, who have spare weapons, who are decent at weapon swapping, who are WILLING to give up their shield or two-hander (and any abilities that might give them, like redoubt), in order to gain a chance to reset some of their CDs in one of their skill trees a maximum of once every 12 seconds.Is it good for archery users that D&R can proc off of parrying ranged attacks now? No, of course not. But to call it a "HUGE NERF" seems a little extreme. But I guess we'll see, eh?Good luck!-Quill

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