View Full Version : Celestrata Bloodsong: Player factions are bad for the health of the game

05-17-2016, 09:00 AM
Just to drop by, I've been reading the thread closely, and clearly Quill has been doing the same. :) Thank you for all of the feedback so far, guys.We'll definitely keep an eye on the Player Nation system and Castle Upgrade system after they release to make sure things are going well, but the one thing we will never do is directly intervene in a specific server's alliances or politics. I know many of you have concerns regarding the alliances on your server and how some guilds can be very effective in controlling aspects of the content, but this is something that needs to be left up to player intervention.As Quill pointed out, there are many areas in the new castle system in Auroria that requires either workers external to the guild to help, or for players to be carrying tradepacks on their back in an open PvP zone. There are now many new opportunities to sabotage your enemies in their daily pursuits, and doing so can help put money in your pocket rather than theirs. Those acts can change the balance of power on a server for sure, and we're definitely looking forward to how guilds take advantage of these new opportunities.

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