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04-16-2014, 05:32 AM
Hello everybody.
In this topic I want to write about mirage. All of you need to know what you can buy in Mirage and where you can do it.

Before we start

Some item names can be a little different from names you'll see in game. That's my translation. I'll fix names when I'll see them in game. All mirage screenshots will be replaces with English ASAP.
In this guide I willn't write any prices and characteristics because they are different in russian and korean servers. Items characteristics and mechanics are topic for another guide. :)

So, what is Mirage? Mirage is trade island where there is no place for war. All players can't attack each other here. To enter in Mirage you need to find special portal. At least one portal is present on each game location. Portal (entrance) looks like this.


You can't enter in Mirage with trade packs. Also you need no know, that you'll exit to the portal through which you entered.

To exit from mirage you need to find portal inside mirage. It looks like entrance portal. Exit portals also marked on the map.



The money you need to have in Mirage is Delphic Stars (https://pp.vk.me/c540102/c607323/v607323128/68c8/JSkLuDGc4mw.jpg). You can earn them by fishing or trading (delivering packs) or with some other approaches (chests etc.). You can find the guide how to deliver packs here (http://forums.archeagegame.com/showthread.php?1699-Trading-Goods-%28Packs%29-Guide).

Let's start.


I want to start from Akhium tree (sorry, I don't know how to translate this game specific word). From this tree you can collect Akhium dust. It's the second grade of this item and it's minimal grade for craft. Without this resource you willn't be able to craft any items. But more detailed about Akhium is the topic for another guide. Also from this tree you can collect Akhium wood.
Near akhium tree you can find a cow (mount). It is useless to ride on it all the time. It is useful for craft of at least one item.
All this looks like:



In this place you can find Stone of distant wanderings (need for fast traveling between continents) and Certificate for the purchase of mineral water (need to water Akhium tree). Photo:



Here you can find the drawing of underwater farm. In case of this purchase you only need to use it and put the farm to the place you want. Traditionally:



In this magic place opposite to cows you can find different tools to handle wood, ores, tissue etc. In main case you can find this tools near any mirage entrance except north continent. So, in late game it will be mandatory to have such tools in your own city on the North continent.



Here you can find some chests. They can be used as warehouse extension, as shared warehouse for your family etc. Near chests you can find improved craft tools. Without improved craft tools you willn't be able to craft items for 40+ levels.



Improved tools:



In this places you can find and try tank and tractor. No comments. It's better to try. Tractor photo:



Here you can fint the horse (mount). I want only say that this mount is one of fastest. Also here you can find the cat (increases your move speed, no other profits) and the donkey (very useful to deliver packs).



Here in docks you can find a lot of ships. Also this is the topic for another guide too. No characteristics and difference here. All I need to note for you, that ships are very important in this game. The same to tanks and tractors you can find some ships in mirage sea and try to drive them. Enjoy it. :)



In this part of mirage you can find drawings of gliders. The main item anybody wants. Each of them has his own advantages and disadvantages. But it isn't the topic of this guide (you understood :D). Traditionally, it looks like:



Opposite to entrance you can find some costumes. Costumes increases a bit your characteristics. They cost a lot of rare resources and a lot of money. So, maybe it's not the first thing you need to buy.


The final theme... HOUSES. :) There are a lot of different houses in archeage. All of them costs different amount of Delphic stars, need different amount of resources for building, so... This topic not about houses. I saw Scapes' guide about housing, so I don't know need you mine or not. I'm waiting for your comments about it :) Well... Houses drawings can be found here:


WARNING!!! In case of houses you will buy only drawing. You will additionally need a lot of resources to build the house.

To finish this guide - a little bit of screenshots with houses (how it looks like).





Thanks for your attention. If you like - I'll write about anything else.