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05-20-2016, 08:50 AM
I don't talk much in general discussion. I enjoy reading the forum reading about the fun and crazy drama of the forum. :D However these new rule I believe shouldn;t be enforced.Personal attacks against another player: We understand that in the heat of the battle profanity can occur, however personal attacks against another player, whether they include profanity or not, are not allowed. For example, you can say “That boss was a *****.” But you cannot refer to another player as one. You can say “That sh*t was crazy” but you can’t say “You’re a piece of sh*t” Additionally, any attempt by a player to circumvent the chat filter in place will be treated as a violationThis is part of the game. I want to keep. It one of thing I want to enjoy and alot of us want to keep. A little **** talk is always fun and game. I like to **** talk too I admit it. ex. Like you mad bro. :DWe agree, a little trash talk is in the spirit of the game. And you're perfectly still allowed to ask people if they mad, bro, or inform them to add some salt to their tears, or telling them to get rekt. The only thing this rule stops is basically the really nasty trash talk that crosses the line into something worse.
Understand we have people whom speak German, French, Portuguese , and many different language. [/B]Some of them do not know one word in english. So please take that in account. We do understand. In fact, the "English Only" forum rule is one of the original rules that has existed before this change. The forums have always been English only. Obviously we also support the game in French and German, of course, but we have not had French and German forums before. But, with all of this feedback, we're looking into if creation of such forums could be a possibility.I hope that answers your questions. :)

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