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05-20-2016, 10:10 AM
Greetings Adventurers! Today, at 3:00 PM PDT (-7 GMT) we will be updating the PTS server with the release candidate for Update 2.9: Ascension! We expect this update to take approximately 3 hours to perform. Full patch notes for this update will be presented to the PTS forums on next week. Currently, our QA team is still performing testing on Ascension internally, so all notes have not yet been fully verified. This means that the build going to the PTS Server may have a few more bugs than usual. If you notice anything wrong, please report it here by creating a new thread and describing the issue. Provide screenshots or video if possible. Once our internal testing is complete, we will release the patch notes as soon as possible next week. While we did discuss delaying the build until the internal testing could be completed, we'd like to have an extra weekend of PTS testing instead of delaying to next week. Please enjoy the full weekend of Ascension!

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