View Full Version : Khrolan: PTS 2.9 Testing, Castles and Nations

05-20-2016, 06:00 PM
All,Over the next week I'll be supporting our PTS players in upgrading their Auroria castles. I plan to contact all current castle owners to offer expedited building so the scale of the system can be realized by all players who wish to participate in it. I ask that the controlling guilds invite other players to experience it from their perspective. It's very important to me that guild invites are fair to all PTS players. By fair I don't mean everyone must be invited, obviously, there's a member cap - but all guilds should be given the opportunity to experience the content through the management of our PTS regulars. If this means rotating members in-and-out, then so be it.To PTS Lords - if any favoritism is shown, your castles and the surrounding areas will immediately be distributed to someone else.Thanks,-Khrolan

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