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05-21-2016, 12:33 PM

I'm a fellow archeage player, i've been there for a while.

I've been wondering if i could suggest a few game improvements, please tell me what you think of it. Here are a few ideas.

Battles in Archeage are quite dynamic. The reason is everything moves, the battles involving mostly players and a few sieges. But they are quite straightforward. Ranged, healers, melee, tanks and siege cannons, that's pretty much it. How about making it more complex ? For example, by making it possible to players to craft consumable weapons and devices ? For example, halcyona has a few bundle weapons, which are quite OP (scorch bomb, etc). But they are bound to luck on your find, and on the map you're on (halcyona)

During sieges, mines, and a stun gun are available, but only at a specific time (sunday) and only for a selected few (around the biggest guilds on the server, not even all of them)

I've been thinking about some less OP but still interesting weapons, having weaknesses and advantages, but which would be available all the time, and which could make possible for an average player to be temporarily very useful in a battle, making lines more complex than newcomers following the best geared player.

- the same mine (for destroying tanks), and also an antipersonnal one, and the stun gun, but craftable ones, in the weaponry tab, available for a few mats, which could be played with anywhere. Also traps, like a bear trap, immobilizing the unsuspecting foe.
- special arrows for our archers, granting a new powerful contextual skill (like the fishing rod does in its way), either costing craftable ammo or using cooldown, or both. Like :
- a long range hunter seeker, average damage arrow
- a stun arrow, a static cloud arrow
- a poison cloud arrow dealing DOT
- a flammable cloud arrow, the cloud exploding on lightning and fire applied in the AOE
- a scouting arrow, showing enemies on the map
- an arrow giving contagious illness (damage or debuff) to the target and its close allies

- new glider with glider missiles having a decent range (right now all glider attacks are unguided, how about making it like a regular homing range attack ?)

- inventory stored poisons applied to bows and melee weapons, craftable in the alchemy tab with plants for example, granting bonuses to the next few attacks (stun, dot, armor penetration, target cooldowns stop during a few seconds, etc)

- static magical devices of any kind for the mages. like :
- a spell repeater, casting again the spells being cast in its range.
- a spell magnifier, casting your spell harder and farther than the mage casting it
- a homemade golem, with mechanics close to halcyona golem, but smaller and craftable anywhere.
- a magic mirror, creating clones of the one touching it, following its master and using his skills like a mob.

- deployable turrets, shooting arrows, missiles or anything, with a given damage and range.

- hand grenades (same spirit as the special arrows, with different effects)

- i thought the explosive keg was cool in its time. Sadly, it dealt next to no damage and was nearly a cosmetic item. How about making a real explosive keg with the same mechanics, rolling, using slope, which was the only item using it ?

- new types of food, implying stronger and more specific bonuses. Right now food is based mostly on base stats. How about more exciting buffs ? For example, special food granting speed bonus, a new contextual skill, labor regen, etc.

- potions are to me, like food, underused in this game. How about morphing potions, transforming you into a specific monster ? That should be easy to compute, and very fun to play.
also : - stealth potion (usable by any class)
- cure debuff potion
- etc

- new campfire options with other mats.

I have also been thinking about some new skill mechanics.

Right now, player skills depends on the skillsets they chose. But the relation between the 3 skillsets quite only come from combos. How about making a ultimate attack, stronger than level 55 ones, depending on your CLASS and not on your skillsets ? Like, if you're a templar, or a stone arrow, a special attack specific to your skillset combination. This super attack could involve charging some energy in order to use it, taking damage, dealing damage, channelling it, etc. Classes would then have some kind of "spirit" inherent to them, and not be a simple sum of basic skills with a few combos.
This, with still the possibility to choose the ultimate you want by switching skillsets.

I also thought about some cool fun items, like :

- a metal detector/magic detector, finding hidden treasures either randomly, or upon a certain condition (like a recently deceased enemy/mob at the same place, etc.)
- a portable gizmo granting a specific item with time (could be anything)

Also, i regret having never seen a ship being sunk by a submarine. Torpedoes are fun, but underpowered. I remember right before the sub update all the ship captains saying "oh no, torpedo subs" but the truth is, a sub sinking a ship never happens in this game afaik.



05-21-2016, 04:09 PM
Your last point is against the feel of archeage. AA is about mixing and matching, wear any gear, use any skill tree, play any style. Giving an ultimate based on class would mean 120 ultimates. No way in hell that could be balanced. Some would be trash, some would be broken. With the complexity we already have in balancing the various skill trees I would be surprised if this doesn't completely make it a ****fest.

05-21-2016, 10:07 PM
I'm fairly sure they've tried items along these lines in the past. The adventure items seem like they're pretty much gimped leftovers from those experiments. I assume the reason they haven't really focused on introducing items like this is because it's difficult to balance. If you allow players to craft or purchase consumable weapons, then it's only a matter of identifying the stronger ones and stacking them. And it doesn't only affect PvP events like Halcy, but all open-world PvP, which can have dire consequences.

If you're familiar with League of Legends, this kind of design problem is something that gets encountered a lot as they experiment with new items or buffs. An effect or cool feature essentially makes a champ/skill obsolete or allows for unbalanced kits by eliminating intended weaknesses and power gaps.

As for the skill mechanic, the fact that certain combos can only be achieved by certain classes is pretty much in-line with the "ultimate" idea already. What you might be asking for is more defined differences between classes that makes them more unique. Which isn't easy because players like to min/max skills and stats to cover as many situations as possible. Creating unique classes means specialization with specific strengths and weaknesses, but as we can tell from what's popular in the current AA meta, specialization isn't exactly popular.

And yeah, they nerfed the torpedos and subs. That's why ship sinking doesn't happen anymore.

05-22-2016, 04:13 AM
Hey again,

Thanks for your replies. It's always good to have another point of view

@TheWiggler : indeed, that's a lot of ultimates, i forgot there were so many classes. Maybe another system could be found to reduce the number of ultimates to like 15-20, like choosing one after unlocking it, doing a specific hard quest.

@both : My idea is to make possible for a new players and average players to say : "hey that moment in the fight, i did something really good." The problem i'm trying to point out is that right now, newcomers must face overgeared and rich opponents, sometimes owning half a district with several accounts.

I'm myself playing several mmos regularly (like 5-6) and i'm constantly being average in this game, because getting the best gear is so long and expensive. I'm not even sure i'll match up with best geared players one day. I think ultimate attacks and consumables could mix up the lines, may it be for 5 minutes each day.

Indeed, what you call balance right now, is, to me, just a gear competition, where the player who invested 70k (or more) gold in a weapon wins. That's not so balanced already, unless you play only with top players. I think average players should have an opportunity to make themselves useful in a fight, even if it costed them gold or upon certain conditions (like the energy system for the ultimate).

@wooglemoogle : i understand what you mean with consumables. I understand some balancing work should be done, but hey, you can't say it's really disbalanced before it even exists. Most of the consumables i told about are archetype-specific, the balancing possibilities are numerous. Also, to me, a fight is never completely balanced, otherwise it's a stall with numbers even, or just some maths, counting the players. Obviously, that's not the case.

Also, i don't see combos like really ultimate skills. They are cool, useful, but they don't feel like something i would call ultimate. Even the 55 skills, even if they are often really cool, don't quite change a fight outcome by themselves, which i would expect from a ultimate.